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New Pricing in effect 11/15/2022

This past year has seen an increase in costs across the board.  We have all felt it, from the grocery store to the gas pump, to the electric bill to the gas bill.  While we contemplated an increase earlier in the year, we decided to hold off and absorb many of these increases.  We wanted to be the one thing that didn’t go up in price. 


However, we have realized that in order to continue and provide you with the quality of service you have come to expect we needed to make the difficult decision to raise our prices.  This is our first increase since taking over the pool back in 2016. 


Starting on November 15, 2022, all individual swims and packages will increase.  We have attached the new pricing structure for you to review.  We thought long and hard about this increase trying to make it fair across the board.


As always, we are blessed to have the best clients and we thank you all for being so loyal to Sue & Crew H2O.  The best part of our job is seeing how much fun your pups have swimming with us. 

Pricing List 2022.jpg
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