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Our positive approach to swimming will help your dogs love the

water.  We can teach your puppies how to swim, help your adults

dogs stay fit, introduce your dog to Dock Diving and help build

muscle tone in your older, arthritic pet.  Swimming is a wonderful,

low impact, exercise for dogs of all ages.

Our 13' x 25' above ground, heated salt water pool is open on

three sides, which means that you can be right next to your dog

without having to actually get in the pool.  This can help the more

worried or nervous dog feel more comfortable.



                                       Our mission is to introduce all dogs to the love of swimming     

                                       through positive reinforcement so that they and their families

                                       can experience the fun and enjoyment we have had with our

                                       dogs in the water.  Our belief is that not all dogs need to love

                                       the water, but should be okay with water in the event that any

                                       type of therapeutic swimming is necessary.

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