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What our clients have to say about us...

Great facility! Clean pool, lots of toys! Sue is a great person and will swim with your dogs if needed. She gets in to help my older guy when he needs a hand. Really nice to have towels on hand too. Highly recommended!!!

Katie McCullough reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - February 26, 2017


Elsa loves swimming at Sue and Crew!! Sue and her father are the best!!! Very patent, knowledgeable . Highly recommended A++++++++ all the way

Susan Lakics reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - June 24, 2017

I have a GSD and golden that swim with Sue every week and love it. The salt water has made such a difference in my dog's coats compared with normal chlorine, they are nice and shiny and smell good too.

Margo Tsim reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - February 27, 2017


Scarlett loves Sue and swimming with her on Saturdays!

Mary Margaret reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - September 17, 2016

My 3 pups LOVE swimming here! The salt water is so nice and clean plus it makes my dogs' coats look/feel incredible! My boys are crying to get into the pool as soon as I pull in the driveway. Thank you, Sue!

Whitney Lamberson reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - March 9, 2017



absolutely fabulous place. will be back many times. sue is fantastic

Karen Mattes Tannehill reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - October 15, 2017



Sue made it that my pups wanted to jump in their second time there! I am going to have very happy pups this winter!

Danielle Davis reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - December 16, 2016 

Love Taking my pups Joker and Jax here! They love to swim and they love Sue! Have been a weekly member and love it here! Highly recommend!

Tammy Czeszewski reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - December 16, 2016 



Awesome!!! A Fantastic way to get a tired labrador.

Liz Josellis reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - March 2, 2017



Great place! Thanks for helping us wear out our buddy Jango! He loves Sue and swimming!

Kimberly Howatt reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - February 11, 2017


Five Stars for Sue!!!! My dog Magic loved his first day. Many more to come!

Emma Coleman reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - April 29, 2017

Neo, Edge, Ignite and Sassy all give it paws up !

Sue Rolek reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - December 4, 2016

Great place, great people, excellent service!!!! I can barely get Jet to go potty first. ....he is in such a hurry to go in!

Sharon Cierniak reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - October 18, 2017 

Love taking Spiritt there for swimming and dock diving!!! Highly recommend.

Shari Ann reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - September 26, 2016

Sue is awesome. It's a great place! says Spud Sigeti-Lucken

Arlyn Sigeti reviewed Sue & Crew H2O — 5 stars - October 21, 2016

All reviews pulled from our Sue & Crew H2O Facebook page.

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