Sue Sentowski



Sue has been training dogs in swimming & dock diving since 2005. She competes in Dock Dogs with her dogs Bobber, a Yellow Lab, and Splash, a Chocolate Lab, in Big Air and Speed Retrieve.  Her dogs have earned titles in various levels of Big Air and have competed at the Dock Dogs National Competition.  She was one of the founding/charter members of the former Chicagoland Dock Dogs club. She also works with dogs that are preparing for water work trials.


In addition to her water work, Sue is a Certified Nose Work Instructor thru the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).  She competes with her dogs C.J. and Splash at the NW3 level and currently teaches nose work classes at Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center in Chicago and at Root Dog Training in Highwood, IL.


Sue also does therapy work with her dog Bobber thru Pet Partners.  Sue lives in Chicago with her family and their dogs, C.J., Bobber & Splash.

Darlene Rattner

Swim Instructor

In 2005 Darlene began her love affair with dogs and water when she got first Newfoundland Bristles.   Darlene and Bristles trained and participated in various Newfoundland Water Tests around the country earning their Water Dog title in 2011.  They also competed in Dock Diving, Bristles true love, earning both National and Regional Titles.  In 2011 Faith joined Darlene and Bristles and is carrying on where her sister left off.  Faith earned her Water Dog Title in 2016 and is currently training towards her Senior Water Dog Title.  

Jerry Sentowski
Swim Instructor/Maintenance

Nothing makes Jerry happier than seeing a dog have fun in the water.  Whether they are Dock Diving or just swimming for fun, it always brings a smile to his face.  Jerry has competed in Dock Diving with his dogs Splash and Bobber and has earned National and Regional titles on both.  Jerry also lends his expertise in maintenance to our facility.