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We wanted to take a moment to reach out to all our clients regarding COVID-19.  We have been continually keeping track of all the recommendations and, because of our unique environment, have been able to stay open for our clients and their pets at this time.  Since we only allow one family to swim their pets at a time, the contact between humans is very slim. 

We will be implementing the following:  We ask that all clients please wait until the previous client has left the building before coming in with their pets.   On Saturdays this may be challenging and may push some swims behind, however, we will make sure that all clients get their time in the pool.  If we need to shuffle clients and dogs thru, we will make sure that there is always 6 feet between everyone. We do ask you to please be considerate of your fellow swimmers and try to enter and exit quickly so that we can make this as easy as possible.  If you feel that you are unable to get your pets in quick enough to make a half hour swim viable, then we would suggest scheduling a 1 hour time slot which would give you plenty of time to get your dogs into the building, get in a good amount of swim time and then get your pets out of the building without feeling rushed.  

Our research has found that properly chlorinated water in swimming pools is sufficient enough to inactivate COVID-19.  I have attached a link to an article from the Health Services Executive, the governing health services in Ireland, for you to read as well.  We are checking our levels daily and have slightly increased the chlorine production in the pool.  We are also cleaning all surfaces throughout the day.

Finally, we ask that any client who does not feel well or is sick to please cancel your appointment and stay home and not swim your pets.  If you enter our building and are sick you will be asked to leave.  We need to look out for all our client’s and family's well being.  In these instances we will not be enforcing the cancellation policy provided you give us notice.  The policy is still in effect for no shows.  We hope that by implementing these practices and procedures we will be able to whether this and remain open for our clients and their pets.  We want you to be able to come and forget about the seriousness of the situation we find ourselves in and to play with your pups. As for masks, we fully support the wearing of masks, however, because of our unique situation and for safety reasons we do not allow mask wearing while in the water.  Due to the size of our building and the fact that we are only allowing one appointment in at a time, we are able to social distance well from each other.  

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us thru phone, text or email.  We cannot thank our clients enough for their trust in us.  We love our Sue & Crew H2O family and are confident we will all get thru this.


Sue & Crew

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